An Elderly Pog?

You know those days where you have worked really hard and feel like you’ve accomplished a lot (even if none of it was on your to do list)?  And you know how it makes you feel a bit weary but quite good about yourself at the same time?  Well I had one of those days today.  I was about to leave the office feeling knackered but content, and then I stupidly opened my mouth.

A young child (ok, he’s 21) has recently started in the office and, as I packed up, I asked him if he had any plans for the weekend.  I actually knew his plans as he’s spent the last few days calling most of his mates to set the weekend up.  And he’s not mastered talking quietly on the phone.  I’d be surprised if the floor below us didn’t know what he’s doing at the weekend to be honest.  Anyway, he proudly informed me that he was off to Bestival (a music festival on theIsle of Wight).  I was suitably impressed and made all the right noises.  The boy has manners bless him, and returned the question.  I informed him I would be helping my dad lay a carpet and possibly going to a craft fair.  He looked stunned. 

‘How old are you?’


‘Oh.  My.  God’ I turned round to see if something terrible had happened behind me, but no, he continued… ‘I can’t imagine ever being that old’.

He was practically shaking his head in wonder. 

And I was no longer knackered and content.  I was knackered and feeling positively elderly.


But I’m not the one camping and sharing portaloos this weekend.  Old I might be.  But dry and warm I’ll definitely be :o)

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