Do I get candles?

Today is my Blogiversary.  My Blogday.  My Blogbirthday.  Whatever it’s called it’s been a year since my first post.  Lordy.

When I set the blog up I wrote: 

There’s not enough smiling out there.  It’s been said that I can make people smile (usually accidentally rather than intentionally) so I thought I’d try a new way to spread a smile.  No airs, no graces, no pretentions.  Just hopefully a :o)

I hope I have succeeded.  It’s certainly made me more positive as I spend time trying to find smiles in situations that have usually made me humphy.

In the last year I’ve:

I’ve done a few other things too…pole dancing, water aerobics, acquiring a gorgeous godson…

Who knows what the next year holds, but watch this space and I’ll keep trying to make you smile.  Thank you for reading up to now, it would be rather a pointless, pants Pog Blog without you :o)x

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6 Responses to Do I get candles?

  1. Ems says:

    Have loved your blog this year. I wonder how many of your 112 neighbours know it was you who baked the cookies?! Keep spreading your smiles :)

  2. Jeanne says:

    I keep reading and smiling :)

  3. jands says:

    At that age when being reminded how fast the year(s) are passing is disconcerting, but you have helped to make the last one much more joyful. Keep them coming.

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