The joys of wfh (working from home)

I was only thinking the other day how I must be growing up.  Moments of daftness have been getting few and far between of late.  I took this to be A Good Thing.  I spoke too soon though.  I have had kitchen based disasters today. 

I got up early to make a good head start on work (Tuesday being a lovely working from home day for me).  I turned on all the lights (it was still dark) logged onto the laptop, turned on the tv (for background noise only, honest), popped a load of washing on and went through my e-mails.  A short while later I needed breakfast so I turned on the kettle, popped a bagel in the toaster and…there was a pop and everything went dark and quiet.  I’m proud to say I realised that the thingy had tripped and I sorted it in record time (last time I assumed that I’d had a power cut and sat twiddling my thumbs for a good hour before I saw the lights on in the house opposite).  A few e-mails later I decided to try the toaster again in case it had fixed itself.  Predictably, another blackout ensued and I resorted to using the grill for the bagel.

Lunch time. I had settled on a pork, apple sauce, mushroom and cheese sarnie (I couldn’t make up my mind on the fillings so I went for them all).  I have those salt and pepper things that stick to the oven hood-thingy with a magnet.  While I was cooking the mushrooms, the pepper decided to drop in.  The magnet separated from the pepper thing and buried itself in the mushrooms.  It took rather a long time to find it…but I did, and I balanced it all back together and left it on the work top.

Dinner time.  Scrambled egg on toast (well I did have that huge sarnie at lunch).  I impressed myself by remembering not to use the toaster.  Sadly I forgot about the pepper and half way through microwaving my eggs I popped the pepper in.  Along with the magnet.  It turns out that it is MUCH harder to locate a small magnet in half cooked scrambled eggs than in mushrooms.  I stirred with a fork.  I decanted into another bowl.  I poured the mixture through the fork.  I even got the sieve out and sieved it.  (Bad idea – it’s a right bugger to wash partially cooked egg out the holes).  I thought about just putting it back in the microwave but didn’t want to lose another kitchen appliance.  Instead I searched the work surface, the floor…I even pulled the cooker out.  Have you guessed yet?  Yup, it had stuck itself to the back of the fork.  Grrrr.

I’m slightly relieved I’ll be in the office tomorrow.  At least I won’t have to play with fuse boxes, break any kitchen appliances or get magnets in my lunch… :o)

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