Jonah and the Whale

Well it rained, everyone got a bit soggy, the open air service was inside and my new dress is covered in baby sick, but it was the best day and Gorgeous Godson is now, well, my Gorgeous Godson :oD.  I’m going to break my own rules, just once, and use a name (otherwise the pictures may seem a bit odd. Gorgeous Godson’s name is Jonah. And I am his whale :o) And there was a bit of a whale theme going on today…

my rather bad attempt on the whale theme

Also, a few helpful hints for you:

  • Having bought a large dress and a huge bra, it’s probably best to put them on together a little earlier than 10 minutes before leaving the house. Because yes, indeed, the bra may be bigger than the dress. And you may have to involve safety pins and need to keep a cardigan on all day to hide this fact.
  • In the same vein, changing your mind on shoes with two minutes to go is not a great plan if you’ve not worn the shoes before. Especially if you have to do any sort of walking / staying upright / looking god-motherly in a church.
  • It is possible to have 5 different puddings in a day, but it does make you feel a bit icky by bed time (or maybe that’s still just excitement…. :o) )

Jonah and the Whale

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