Pog the Porcupine

I was told today that someone has been being calling me names behind my back…or whatever you could call the ‘grown up’ version of that sort of playground behaviour.

It’s ok though, because they chose the wrong people to call me names to and not only did they think it was a load of piffle, but they let me know too.

I was informed however that maybe I am a little bit prickly. I know. Me! Can you believe it? Well yes, ok, I admit to prickles when I feel the need for them. But actually, I’m not going to apologise. I feel I am more porcupine than hedgehog as I don’t have my prickly bits at the ready at all time. But sometimes you need them in reserve.

After all, nobody will appreciate the smooth bits without having to deal with the occasional prickle :o)

More appropriate playground behaviour perhaps?

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2 Responses to Pog the Porcupine

  1. Sandy24ni says:

    It doesn’t matter what age you are Pog… You will always have someone talking about you. People naturally have aversions to other people. I was once told by a colleague that another colleague didn’t like me because I ‘couldn’t possibly be that nice for real and it must be an act’.

    Now this is the extreme opposite to your situation but the principle is the same. I say pay no heed… Your friends are your friends for good reason…. This other person obviously hasn’t made the VIP list and is pissed that she ain’t getting in . Chin up young Pog. :)

    • thepogblog says:

      Well thank you, you lovely lady. I’m actually ok with it now because it said more that people ignored the person. And as for prickles, who doesn’t have them? (and if you are too nice for prickles, I know a certain Spike one who has pointy bits on your behalf) :o)x

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