An excitable Pog, a large dress and a huge bra

I’m a little excited.  I am having a little people filled weekend.  Hmm.  That doesn’t quite cover it.  I am VERY excited as there is one little person in particular who will be the focus of my weekend.  Gorgeous Godson (to be) is about to loose the brackets and the contents of them.  It is his christening on Sunday so tomorrow I will be playing with him and his brother (Lovely Little Man) while their mum and dad continue on their quest to make 36 pints of home made lemonade for the party.  Actually, that’s not true – they’ve already made the lemonade (?!) but I imagine they will have more items on their to do list.  Then on Sunday I will become an official part of his life.

So excited about the whole thing I’ve been, that I decided to expand the fat wardrobe so I have a lovely summer dress to wear.  The very helpful assistant in the shop pointed out that I’d ‘definitely need a large’ when I picked up a medium (yes, she was right, but I’d have rather found out for myself).  I look like a flump in it, but I look like a lovely coloured flump and frankly, you can’t have everything.  

Having bought the large dress (thank you smug, skinny shop assistant) I tried it on at home with my strapless bra, forgetting I’d bought that when I was 3 dress sizes smaller.  The effect was more x-rated rather than child friendly and probably not appropriate for a church.  So I did a mad lunch time dash to M&S yesterday on a quest for appropriately fitting underwear. At least these days I get my moneys worth when it comes to this sort of thing.  Huge, it is…

And now, predictably it is due to rain on Sunday.  And it is meant to be an open air service.  So I will be a soggy flump-like god mother.  But I will be a god mother and that makes me very smiley.  And hey, if it really rains I can whip off my bra and Gorgeous Godson and Lovely Little Man can have a cup each and use it as a boat :o)

the heffalump quilt I made that I couldn't wait until the chistening to give to Gorgeous Godson :o)

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