monks and paper bags

Last night I want to see some monks.  They were of the Shaolin variety (Buddhist Kung Fu Master Monks).  I took Geeky Friend as a thank you for doing fantabulous things with the Pogimal website.

The evening  led to much pondering on my part…like:

  • Would it have been easier to organise an actual excited 5 year old out of the door on time than a thirty something year old acting like an excited 5 year old?
  • Would an actual 5 year old have spent more or less time than a thirty something year old acting like a 5 year old ‘practicing’ their kung fu moves before and afterwards?
  • Is there a group of Shaolin nuns somewhere that haven’t started touring yet?
  • Why do the monks bother with wardrobe changes when most seemed to involve the removal or addition of a sleeve?
  • Was the long and wispy beard that made occasional appearances actually of the stick on variety and passed around the group for their entertainment?  (My firm belief on

    post monk 'entertainment'

    the subject on this is that yes, it was).

  • Do thirty something year old boys ever grow up?

Mrs Geeky Friend, you have my sympathies ;o)

Geeky Friend, I’m only joking.  Sort of.  :o)

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