Heffalumps, chicks and a rogue pigeon

Finally my top secret project has been revealed!  Mainly because I couldn’t wait until the christening of gorgeous godson to be…  I have to say, he wasn’t terribly impressed, but then I guess when you are not even two months old, the finer points of appliqué pass you by….  His mummy and daddy seemed to like it though so all is good.  

Presenting:  My top secret project – the heffalump quilt…

And a little late (but I was incapable of posting after a bbq in the lovely sun which resulted in a Pog of great drunkenness  – thank god for lovely neighbours who let you know when you’ve left your front door keys in the front door)…sorry…a little late, but happy easter eggs to you :o)

(Yes, I know the large blue one at the top looks more like a pigeon than an Easter chick…)

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4 Responses to Heffalumps, chicks and a rogue pigeon

  1. That’s so cute. Funnily enough my sister made blankets with appliquéd images on for my children when they were tiny. They are lovely gifts to receive because someone took the trouble to make them.

    PS Sorry I’ve been a bit absent… I think I’m back now.

  2. sacha kelly says:

    Sorry but confused did u actually make the quilt??? if so v.jealous have had pieces all cut and some even tacked for about 3 years! for quilt that started off for Zo but then I realised who am I kidding?? then was sposed to b 4 Korin and alas is still in bits! oh the joys of children!?

    ps if u did make it it’s lovely!

    keep up the good work love always Sacha x

    • thepogblog says:

      Thank you Sacha, – I did make it, yes. Much easier to do when you only have cats to contend with though! Really looking forward to seeing you and meeting the girls :o)x

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