Cat arse-imal of the Week

I went to Tesco tonight (well, it is a Thursday and Thursday night is Tesco night).  There’s a small part in the fridge cabinets that is dedicated to bargains at the end of the day and it’s like bees round a honey pot.  I finally battled my way to the front and noticed a Tesco employee crouching down trying to sort out the bargains.  I pointed out that she was either brave or daft.  She said that she only got cross after she’d been thumped with the third or fourth handbag.

Then I moved something (A ham and cheese calzone which I was never going to buy due to the un-fatness plan, but wanted to look at it in a loving kind or a way) and showered the Tesco employee in cut price Weight Watchers chocolate mousses…

She said it wasn’t quite as bad as handbags but she wasn’t very convincing.  I beat a hasty retreat in embarrassment.  And I guess it must have been the embarrassment that caused me to pick up two cut price cream and apple turnovers (well, Weight Watchers mousses?  Perleeease!)  :o)

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