Make Do and Mend…

I think I may have aged overnight.  This has nothing to do with the crows feet I’ve been collecting around my eyes (they are not all laughter lines – nothing is that funny…).  No, it’s to do with my sudden enthusiastic adoption of my parents ‘make do and mend’ views.

Yesterday morning I dropped my deodorant and the bottom split.  I now have a lovely ‘Shower Fresh’ smelling bathroom carpet and a totally knackered roll- on.  I started walking to the bin thinking that I couldn’t quite face doing battle with it every morning in its current state but en route, I spied the selleotape.  My deodorant is now trussed up with tape like a prize turkey and balanced precariously upside down in case any additional escapings occur…

Next, I realised that the chair I sit on was a bit wobbly.  It turned out that the bottom has started to make a break for freedom (I blame Norman).  ‘How convenient that I have a spare that has been squirreled in the loft for 4 years’ I thought to myself.  ‘Just goes to show that you should never throw anything away’. (That is the attitude that resulted in my parents loft, garage and shed being full to breaking point for decades.  I will be at that point very soon).

Finally (well, they come in threes don’t they?) I managed to break the teeniest, tiniest piece of plastic off my camera.  Unfortunately this minuscule piece of plastic seems to hold the entire thing together and now the batteries fall out every time I hold the camera upright.  Not ideal for taking pictures.  I admit, I did have a bit of a panic and start looking up on the internet how much a replacement would be, but I have fount a temporary solution.  I have bound it all together with a giant red elastic band.  Not the height of fashion and I can’t use all the buttons but I can at least take a picture now.  Just. 

My parents will be so proud… (However, if you see any evidence of this in public – plasters sticking my glasses in one piece, elastic bands holding my shoes together etc, please send me home at the earliest opportunity…)    :o)

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