Popcorn Issues

no, it's not popcorn, but who has a picture of popcorn lying around?

I thought today that I’d found the way forward and that the future was ‘Skinny Popcorn’.  (I’m not sure why ‘skinny’ but the packet was big, the calories were low and there was some chocolate type stuff in there too, so I was happy.)

It turns out I was wrong. Skinny Popcorn is not the way forward.  At least, not if you are wearing a dress.  Because as I left the office this evening, I had an itchy-scratchy sensation on my legs.  It felt like there were lumps of gravel in my tights.  As I passed the acceptable age of pulling up my dress and rooting around in my tights in public about 32 years ago, my only option was to continue to the tube and brave the toilets at the railway station to extract whatever was making me walk like a complete weirdo.

It was at this point I discovered that popcorn had (I assume) fallen down the front of my dress and managed to work its way into my tights.  Where it had stopped before it reached my knees and collected to have a party…

But, in the interests of everyone who wants to find a tasty, relatively guilt free snack that doesn’t cause weirdo walking and because I rather liked it (the popcorn rather than the itchy-scratchy issue) I will be trying it out again tomorrow.  But tomorrow I will wear trousers :o)

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