I love ear wigging.  I overheard a conversation in a lift at work today between two girls that made me giggle.  It went something like:

Girl 1:  I like the furry collar on your coat.  I had to take mine off this morning cos my boyfriend spilled milk over it.

Girl 2:  Couldn’t you have just sponged it off?

Girl 1:  No.  The milk was full of coco pops.  (Then, in a pondering voice) I’m sure it’s only 4 year olds and my boyfriend that get overexcited while eating breakfast, run through the house holding a full bowl then fall flat on their face, spraying the contents of the bowl everywhere…

Later, a girl was explaining how last summer she’d been wearing heels, attempting to impersonate a professional, independent woman while walking between a lot of very busy bars.  Somehow, her heel got stuck in a crack in the pavement.  So stuck, the only way to get it out was to take the shoe off and tug at it with both hands while being sniggered at by the few hundred real independent professionals enjoying a drink and the sun.

I didn’t laugh so much at that one although a couple of others in the lift did.  I didn’t laugh so much because, yes, it was me… 

So, if you see someone walking in heels on tip toes now, you’ll know why.

And I’ll keep on ear wigging in the lift in the hope that I’ll hear more daft stories than I have to tell :o)

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