A disturbing thought and a thank you

For the last few days I’ve been languishing on my sickbed (lying on the sofa) as my cats have lovingly sat and purred at my feet (alternately sat on my head and brought in wet leaves that they have ‘killed’ for me making the house look very autumnal…).  Aside from the fact that I have felt like very large pants, I have discovered something rather disturbing.  I am apparently neither woman nor normal.

How do I know this?  It’s all thanks to the joys of daytime TV and specifically a Boots advert.  The advert?

  • Lone man gives a Christmas present to one of many women in a room

    Sorry, but there is a Christmas element to the story...

    (office secret Santa maybe?)

  • Woman opens present in excited manner
  • Look of collective disgust from women over the fact that the present is fruit for a jam making course
  • Lone man given alternative of one of the ‘smelly’ options in the 3 for 2 at Boots
  • Lone man pretends jam making course was a joke and presents ‘real’ gift
  • Woman gets all overexcited
  • Everyone is happy and peace is restored.

Now the problem that I have with this (as well as thinking what an ungrateful whatsit the woman is) is that:

1)     I like the idea of going on a jam making course (sad maybe, but true)

2)     Where did he find a jam making course (or any sort of course for that matter) for under a tenner? (which, I guess, would be the sort of value of the smellies when you take into account the ‘getting one free’ part)

3)     I would actually prefer the jam making course to the smellies, given both options…

So, I can only assume that I don’t fit into the ‘normal woman’ mould.  And actually, I think I rather like that:o)

And thank you to everyone who has been reading these and to those of you who have let me know that they do make you smile.  That makes me really happy…especially as while I’ve been lying on the sofa feeling like pants I’ve had my 1000th visitor.  It’s the first time I have felt so sick and been smiling!;o)

Thank you from a happy Pog:o)x

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6 Responses to A disturbing thought and a thank you

  1. Reg Oakley says:

    I think you are just looking for sympathy.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Oh, well allright. Hope you are up and about soon with or without a jam making course.

    Wednesday was my first day back on a bike for a while (I have been attracting, and recieving sympathy) Cold but wonderfully sunny and Autumn at it’s best.

  2. Ems says:

    Hope you feel much better soon and if it makes you feel better I thought the jam making course sounding good too! Oh dear we are getting old! Ems x

    • thepogblog says:

      Thank you sweety. Feeling lots better today (and this is being a serious help to the unfatness plan!)
      I am so pleased you like the jam making idea better too. Although you are a week older than me you know, so I would expect that from you ;o)x

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