How the Cookie Fairy came about (and would you like to join her?)

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time (just under 10 months ago actually), Pog gave up the evil cigarettes and instead started baking cookies with the abandon previously only reserved for her smoking.  Eating cookies at the same rate as she smoked was not going to result in a particularly healthy Pog though and she wondered what to do.


By happy coincidence (or not happily at all as it happens) life at Pog Towers took a bit of a nose dive and smiling became hard work.  But then Pog had a bit of a plan.  If she wasn’t smiling much, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t make others smile.  And maybe their smiles would spread.  So after a little bit of thought…The Cookie Fairy was born! 

Argh…too weird writing like that. 

As my alter ego, The Cookie Fairy, I anonymously (or so I thought) deliver cookies to people I think might need, like or deserve a smile.  And it makes me smile too when I get texts, mails or phone calls from people laughing at the element of daftness that has gone into the process…(because everybody has realised it was me in a matter of minutes apparently)… and smiling at the fact that someone has taken a little bit of time to do something nice for them.

Love, The Cookie Fairy. x

I was thinking though (and I admit this is not always a good thing), would anybody like to becomes a Cookie Fairy recruit?  Let me know if you would and I will send you some cookies with my secret Cookie Fairy recipe.  All you need to do then is whip a batch together (which literally take 10 minutes) every so often and spread the cookies.  Fancy it?  Think carefully, there are hidden dangers as I have found:

  • People are very security conscious these days and you can only walk on gravel quietly in bare feet.  Walking on gravel in bare feet hurts.
  • The only way to stop security lights going on is to crawl along the outside of the house to the front door.  This gets you odd looks from people passing by.
  • Some dogs start barking as soon as you get out the car.  It requires quite fast movements to get down a drive, to the front door and find a hiding place that the barking dog won’t spot before the intended recipient and back again before you are spotted.
  • Delivering cookies on the bike can result in considerably more crumbs than there should be.
  • Driving around a house 5 times until the oldies inside go to bed makes the oldies think that the house is being staked out by a burglar rather than a cookie fairy (sorry mum and dad).
  • You have to be sure that the recipient won’t be accused of having an admirer / an affair by their other half.  That’s happened twice so far.  Oops…

If you still want to spread the smiles, give me a shout.  I can post cookies if required (there just wont be so many!).  Come on…what else are you going to do with that spare 10 minutes? And you can always make extra and become known as a domestic goddess…:o)

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6 Responses to How the Cookie Fairy came about (and would you like to join her?)

  1. David Wood says:

    Anyone who can make me smile at 10.50pm is definitely doing a great job. Congratulations and keep it up as they say !! I do think that you have missed your vocation and should turn to writing for a living and stop trying to be a smart cookie!!
    Someone who would love to be stalked xx

  2. Simon R says:

    You have to be sure that the recipient won’t be accused of having an admirer / an affair by their other half. That’s happened twice so far. Oops…

    Absolutely priceless – nice work. How did you find this out – by monitoring Facebook outbursts?

    • thepogblog says:

      No, luckily one recipient knew it was me straight away and convinced their other half…the other I had to explain myself to as soon as I found out! I am now a little more careful on that side of things!:o)

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  4. Cookie Monster says:

    I love the cookie fairy :o) They are the best cookies ever.

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