I only just came back and I already fell out of the habit!

So here is a quick one:

Last week mum and I want to exchange a pair of her trousers.  This was quite an event as we threw in a coffee as well just to make it into a proper outing (and because my Mum seems to need eleventy billion cups of coffee a day).

We passed some dresses.  mum said they might be quite nice to wear to my wedding (I know, I know, if you’ve been around a while and missed my update you might need a sit down / cup of tea / stiff drink right about now.  This Pog who was a committed cat lady spinster with a crochet habit is getting married…this year!)

Mum mused about the dresses she wore to Sister 1 and Sister 2’s weddings.  I have made an effort to nod and agree with Mum at all times now, but I felt like this wasn’t a time to do that so I reminded her that Sister 2 isn’t actually married.

‘But I have been to two of the twins weddings’, Mum said.

‘Weeeelllll.  You’ve been to two weddings between them, but they were the same twin.  Sister 2 isn’t married and Sister 1 has been married twice.’

I thought Mum might need a sit down / cup of tea / stiff drink right about that point.  We went for that coffee though.  Strong coffee.  And then we both laughed…because you have to, don’t you?

(Sorry, Sister 1!)

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