Lacking in inspiration

Global confirmed cases: 3,127,519; total deaths: 217,569 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 161,145; total deaths: 21,678 (DHSC)

Government focused more on NHS than care homes in early stages of coronavirus outbreak, Environment Secretary George Eustice admits

Thousands of cancer patients to be treated at new regional centres designed to be free from COVID-19

Schools will reopen in a “phased manner” but no date set yet, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson says

I’ve run out of inspiration. I think the family have too as they’ve not sent through photos. It’s all getting a bit monotonous. And it rained again. I think things are always a bit harder when it’s raining.

But Wednesday is cake day, so I made himself his favourite fruit cake.

And I’m not that keen on it, but had an urge for jam, so I made up a recipe involving coconut and raspberry jam. It’s surprisingly good.

No wonder I have covid cushioning.

I’ve also acquired covid curls:

I’ve never had curls before. It’s most odd.

Anyway, sorry. Hopefully inspiration will return tomorrow.

Stay safe, lovely people.x

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2 Responses to Lacking in inspiration

  1. j and s says:

    Probably the jam and coconut causing the curls!

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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