Exercising the Covid cushioning

Global confirmed cases: 3,057,957; total deaths: 211,894 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 157,149; total deaths: 21,092 (DHSC)

Over 3,000 deaths in care homes linked to COVID-19 to date, ONS figures show

Face coverings such as scarves recommended to be worn in enclosed public spaces, guidance from Scottish government says

Almost 40% of all fatalities in one week in England and Wales found to mention novel coronavirus on death certificate

So here’s the thing: At the start of all this, we dealt with the whole being at home / not driving / this all feels pretty awful situation a bit like Christmas. For about four weeks. And by that I mean at 5pm when Boris did his live broadcast to the nation, presumably feeling a bit Winston Churchill-ish, we got into the habit of a covid-o’clock cider (or beer, in his case). We ate cake because it was comforting and our reasonably sensible eating habits were given a mask and sent out to fend for themselves.

I don’t think we are alone, but Himself and I are probably the worst offenders in the four family households. We have all been exercising though:

Sister 1 does lots but yesterday did an indoor 5km run on the treadmill:

Little Pea is riding his new bike and going on lots of walks:

Sister 2 has stepped up her online boxfit classes and now attaches weights to do it….:

And Mum and Dad have been lifting some (very heavy, I’m assured) books:

They are all looking good.

Himself is stripping off the alcohol and cakes by running stupid distances and speeds as usual (75km last week which included a personal best of a 37 minute 10km). I’m not saying anything else on that.

And I’m doing things too – I’ve got into You Tube Hiit sessions, and some of my normal classes are online, so I’m doing about eight ‘somethings’ a week. I’m thinking that the somethings may not be the high intensity required to rid myself of the excesses of Covid Christmas though. While I am convinced I have an extremely toned body; it seems is currently well hidden beneath my Covid cushioning. This picture of a recent yoga session may uncover the truth of my intensity levels, you see:

Yes. Those are my slippers :o)

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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