Full Marks (#stepmumwins 2)

Himself eats pretty much anything I give him,  his boys do not.  I don’t think I even need the fingers on one hand to count the meals they will eat, and it’s a source of much frustration, especially as we all know my cooking skills leave a lot to be desired.

Last night was Da Boyz night and for once, I’d not planned out what to make and I wondered if taking them to Nando’s on a school night was as big a cop out as I thought it might be, even if it did mean they would actually eat a full meal and have big smiles on their faces while they were about it.  And that’s when I had my brainwave:  we didn’t need Nando’s, we could have Pogdo’s!

They are not good with new things, so this was a bit of a risk, but I rushed to the shop to get the really curly whirly pasta they like, hit some chicken breasts with a rolling pin, covered them in breadcrumbs (one plain, one slightly spicy as per the standard Nando’s order) and added some passata sauce, telling them it was Pogdo’s ketchup. (Ok, there wasn’t a vegetable in sight, but this was a risk, I used ALL the kitchen implements making it and practically filled the house with smoke, so a few peas and a stray carrot were not something to worry about in the scheme of things happening here).

And people, you are not going to believe this.  I got 10/10 from BOTH boys.  And not only that, they said they PREFER Pogdo’s to Nando’s.  They suggested they could write reviews on trip advisor and I could run the first Pogdo’s from Our Towers (then Smaller Boy requested a job and started negotiating terms.  I’m going to have to watch him.)…

This is the face of a very happy (kind of) step mum, just after receiving full marks and careers advice (not caring that she looks like a bit of a maniac and should probably have put some make up on in honour of the occasion)  :o)

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