Little Wisp and Auntie Pog day

Saturday was so exciting I practically went pop.

Because, do you remember, almost a year ago, my gorgeous niece was born?  And do you recall she was teeny tiny (I realise that is a slightly stupid thing to say as there aren’t too many baby giants born these days) and a bit poorly and had to have an operation? You might remember, she looked like this:

Well not anymore!  Now Little Wisp looks like this:

Isn’t she beautiful?

And she came to visit with her Mummy and Daddy and we sent them out so we could have a few hours of Little Wisp and Auntie Pog time.

First, we discovered that the one thing better than yogurt or milky bar, or pretty much anything is….  Catnip!  :o)

Have you seen this Auntie Pog? It’s amazing…

…I mean, it makes me feel a bit, um…

…but… oh god. Another one!

Then we went to the playground:

one, two three….weee down the slide!

And we came back and looked at a very brave Norman:

And we were doing so well, but then it was lunch time, and we weren’t doing so well anymore.  Apparently Little Wisp gets hangry and was not impressed she had to wait for her food to cool for so long after I turned it into molten lava.  And we had no highchair and she didn’t like my chair – even padded with cushions.  So I put her on my lap and…she decided to help feed herself with her hands (a tomato-y affair), then reach up to me for a cuddle.  I imagine it will come out of my cream jumper.  One day.

Then it was time for a sleep.  I was looking forward to that.  I thought she would be happy to fall asleep on the bed if I made it dark and stayed with her, with a lullaby playing on my ipad.  I was happy.  She was not.  That’s actually quite a dramatic understatement; I thought she was going to go pop.  Somehow I managed to strap her into her buggy and we went out for a long walk in the rain.

By the time her parents came back she was asleep but a bit blotchy.  I was a bit soggy with a few tomato stains and Norman was ready for a nap:

I loved it.  Thank you, Little Wisp, for being such a happy, giggly little thing (apart from when you were screaming, but I’ll forget that bit soon.  I hope).  It was a fantastic first Little Wisp and Auntie Pog day.  We’ll have to do another one again soon :o)

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