Maybe I should have stayed on the sofa…

This is what a run looks like when you have got really lost:

To be fair, I mostly got lost because two of the roads I needed to go down looked like this:

And I tried getting through the brambles but they went up to my neck and I ended up with thorns in my ankles and my hands.

And to add insult to injury, the dry day turned to drizzle within two minutes of leaving the house, which turned to rain, then to sleet.   And when I was putting my phone back in it’s holder after calling Himself to let him know I’d be back a lot later than planned as I had no idea where I was, somehow my bra undid itself.  And anyone who wears a sports bra will understand that is not a good thing to happen, but especially when you are soaked through, freezing cold and in a public place.

Still, when the paths aren’t flooded and it’s above 3 degrees, I think that could be quite a nice run.  No sea, but lots of green. My beachbumpkinsville :o)

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