Enter: Spider-Pog

If you read my last post, you will know that to day was the day: the day that Spider-Pog had to do her thing. And do her thing she did. But not without learning a few things in the process. Like…

– When measuring up for nostril holes, your  Mum can trap you by your hair in a Spider-Man suit, release you, then trap you again with such an enormous chunk of hair that you can’t move your arms to work on the zip and have to shout for Dad. Who then has to find his glasses before he can help, giving you just enough time to wonder how the hell this got to be your life on a Saturday afternoon.

– you can burn holes in a Spider-Man suit without it going up in flames, despite it being 95% polyester. I can’t see how that will be a useful piece of information to anyone, ever, but you never know.

– Spider-Man must have special powers when it comes to sight. I could see that there were children in the room, but I couldn’t tell who was who, who wanted to play and who was utterly terrified. I imagine the utterly terrified child I chased under a table will get over the trauma as some stage before he hits adulthood though….

– For the same sight reasons, Spider-Pog did what could be considered a bit of stunt work by carrying in a cake, complete with lit candles, for the birthday boy to blow out.

– Silly string might not make the best webs, but three and four year olds aren’t bothered

– Never wear mascara when you are spidey-ing. Or contact lenses. I couldn’t see through the outfit but I couldn’t see when I took it off either. I realised later this was because the mascara I sweated off somehow managed to get under a contact lens.

– A Sister 1 is required when it is all over to dry you / your hair with paper towels. A Sister 2 is required to inform you as she kisses you goodbye that ‘your face smells really peculiar’.

It was a different, very long 30 minutes (because despite feeling like a few days, I think that’s all it was) but there were a few things that made it worth while:

I’m told Little Pea’s face lit up when he saw Spider-Man / Pog. I couldn’t tell you myself as I couldn’t blimin’ see him.

Even the traumatised child high-fived me before I left. A lot.

All the kids hugged me goodbye. So cute.

And one child told me later that ‘Spider-Man was here and it was awesome, and we watched him go back to where he lives in outerspace…’ (actually, I just walked out one door and into another to change back to Being Auntie Pog in the toilet) …’and he had a REALLY loud voice’ (I didn’t speak at all as I knew that would give the game away). That made me smile lots.

So if the day job ever goes wrong, maybe I have a back up in Spider Pog :o)

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