hurtiness, pottery and furballs of various sizes

I don’t have a great track record with going to the dentist.  I’ve punched one (accidentally), turned the air blue on many occasions  and cried a lot.  Friday things went to a whole new level though, where as a result of a wisdom tooth that wasn’t interested in coming out, I was the cause of five patients having their appointments cancelled, lots of crying, a close call on throwing up and a fair bit of hyperventilating. One wisdom tooth came out in about 10 minutes.  Part of the other one is still in there, possibly tangled in quite an important nerve, and will be attacked by a surgeon on Monday evening (any happy teeth thoughts you have would be much appreciated in this direction…).  It was also the first time a dentist has texted me on a Saturday night to see how I am and tell me I am a ‘brave soldier’ :o)

But anyway, being in quite a lot of pain since then, I couldn’t do my running or a huge amount of rushing around, but that was good in some ways as I got to go to a pottery studio with Sister 1 and Little Pea, see some lovely stuff and try to make something myself :

My effort

My effort

Sister 1's effort

Sister 1’s effort

And I had time to Visit a friend who has a gorgeous new little fluff ball in her life.  Look at this little guy:


And to see his tinyness a bit better:

That is a normal size cup f tea and a teeny 8 week old fluff ball

That is a normal size cup of tea and a teeny 8 week old fluff ball

And after all that excitement, I curled up on my sofa with Nurse Norman:


Fingers crossed the surgeon can do magic on Monday and this hurtiness stops very soon. On the upside, it turns out that this really could be the ultimate unfatness plan! :o)

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3 Responses to hurtiness, pottery and furballs of various sizes

  1. notewords says:

    Hope all goes well on Monday.
    Here’s a copy of a poem by Ogden Nash on the joys of dentistry…

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