Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I think I probably look in the mirror as much as the next person.  You know….to check that I don’t have food in my teeth, to make sure my mascara ended up where I was aiming for, to make sure my skirt isn’t tucked in my knickers (you just never know, and that’s one of those things that I have sudden panics about while walking up the train platform.)…that sort of thing.  It turns out though that I look and don’t actually see.  Or at least, if I see, I don’t pay the tiniest bit of notice.

I had a phone call the other day. I won’t give you the details (mainly because this could end up being the biggest ‘what the hell was I thinking?’ moment of my life), but basically months and months ago I dropped a line to a tv company about a programme.  So they called, and I passed the first ‘interview’.  So then I had a second, longer one.  The lady I was talking to said we’d start with the really easy questions, which was good.  It was last thing on Friday and my brain had most definitely started the weekend.  And this is how it went:

Her: ‘What colour is your hair?

Me: ‘Blonde.  Nope, it’s not been blonde for years.  Um, it’s out of a bottle….chilli chocolate.  Nope.  Not that either, that’s the summer colour.  Plum!  It’s plum.  It’s definitely plum.  So no, not blonde.  More…purple.’

Her: *sounding slightly bemused*  ‘OK. You’re sure about that?’

Me: ‘I am’ (I didn’t think it was the right time to mention that actually Tesco were out of ‘Plum’ last week, so I’ll be going ‘Black cherry’ soon.  It also might have highlighted the fact that I chose my hair dye based on food names…)

Her: ‘Right, I thought that was an easy question, but maybe not.  So here’s one that really is easy: What colour are your eyes?’

Me: ‘Um….could I just go and check in the mirror please?’

I genuinely didn’t know if my eyes were blue or green.  And I couldn’t picture my hair at all.  When you consider how much I obviously don’t look at my reflection, it’s really quite surprising that I’ve not gone to work with my skirt tucked in my knickers before…

Somehow I don’t think I’ll be hearing from the tv company again, but if I do, I’ll tell you all about it :o)


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  1. How does the photo relate to your story?🌻🐢🍷

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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