I’ll never be a YouTube star

Last night I thought I’d try to be helpful.  I’d recently told Mum and Dad about a duvet trick I’d seen online (it’s been around forever, looking at the dates of posts – we may well be the only three people in the world unaware of it) and last night I needed to change my bedding.  ‘I know!’ I thought ‘I’ll video me doing the duvet trick and send it to them.’  Why I didn’t just send them one of the many YouTube links out there, I don’t know.

It didn’t go to plan.  Not only did I get confused, but…well, it made my parents laugh, even if it might not have taught them how to change their duvet cover.  This was the end result (skip to around 1 minute 20 if you’re short of time):

(Before you watch, please know that:

  1. I’d just got in from work and changed into slouchy clothes and I didn’t even look in the mirror to consider hair or make up
  2. I wasn’t anticipating anyone other than family to see this
  3. The reason I suddenly keep looking at the camera a lot around 1:30 is because I was starting to anticipate what happened at around 2 minutes)

If you want vastly better instructions on the duvet trick (which actually saves heaps of time, even when you’re as rubbish at it as I am), here’s one of the linksshould have sent my parents :o)

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4 Responses to I’ll never be a YouTube star

  1. An amusing and helpful video! May attempt the new method soon! Wish us luck!

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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