Have you ever tried a selfie with a cat?

It occurred to me recently that I can hardly call myself a cat lady (with crochet habit) without having attempted a me and Norman cat selfie.  So when I should really have been doing something – anything – more useful, that’s what I did.  Or at least, what I attempted to do.  It turns out it’s not just me who should stay the other side of the camera:


And while I am embarrassing him, Norman’s newest ‘thing’ is to refuse to use his food bowl.  I put his dinner in the bowl, he removes it and eats it off the floor.  It’s not the end of the world, but it is a bit squelchy if he decides to take a break and I forget this new habit when I wander into the kitchen.


I love my furball.  Just a teeny bit less when I have some of the contents of a  ‘Whiskers fish selection in Jelly’ pouch stuck on my foot :o)

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2 Responses to Have you ever tried a selfie with a cat?

  1. They look pretty good photos to me. At least he didn’t do an action shot and attack your face! Also, try putting his food directly on the floor – he may pick it up and put it in his bowl (just to e awkward!)

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