The Christmas food got me again…

…but in a different way to that soup / Ribena experience.

If you’ve been with me a while you’ll know my cooking skills stretch to little more than toast for my dinner.  This time of year is great though – all that party food that’s around is much more interesting than toast.  I went to the supermarket to buy some bananas the other day and came out with these:


You see, these can be cooked in 10 minutes from the freezer, in whatever quantities required.  And if I want to pretend it’s a real dinner,I can add a bit of salad or an avocado to make it look a little more impressive.

This week I rushed to the shops on my way home for some bananas (I’d forgotten them in my excitement before) and I was stopped in my tracks.  There were two tables full of cooked party food, ready for tasting.  I was in need of a snackeral or two, so I studied the packaging with great interest while attempting to subtly try at least one of everything.  Forget the snackeral…this was dinner!

I left the tables comfortably full and determined not to forget the bananas or anything else.  I finished my shopping, went to pay and….spotted that new party food had been added to the table!  I wasn’t going to miss out so I paid  then stealthily manoeuvred my trolley back into the shop and started on pudding.  Finest shortbread with chocolate chips, mince pies and I was about to leave when I spotted the profiteroles.  Oh God.  Profiteroles are my favourite.  But the lady watching over the food was starting to give me ‘I know you are eating a meals worth of food here’ looks, so there was only one thing for it.  I turned the trolley to the door, blocked her view and sneaked the biggest one I could see with the most chocolate sauce.

I got my comeuppance. As I bit into it, I discovered that either it was filled with ice cream or possibly it was cream that hadn’t yet defrosted (and I have quite sensitive teeth).  I stifled a bit of a squeal and attempted to nonchalantly walk my trolley back to the car, through quite a few other shoppers.

I felt smug when I got in the car.  No need to cook tonight – I was stuffed.  I glanced in the rear view mirror as I reversed out my space and… discovered that most of the chocolate sauce on that profiterole has dripped down each side of my mouth, turning me into some sort of chocolate vampire.

That’ll teach me to be so greedy.  Actually, it probably won’t. :o)

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4 Responses to The Christmas food got me again…

  1. Well played, Pog, well played :)

  2. Let us know when they are offering roast turkey and a glass of wine.

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