Christmas food

It feels like ages ago when I sighed on seeing that Tesco had put out their mince pies, thinking it was far too early…and promptly putting a box of 6 in with my shopping.  Then then repeating the process every week since.

Even though it’s still November, London is feeling very Christmassy – it’s dark when I arrive and leave now, and the blue and white lights strung across The Strand make it feel a bit special. So when I pop into the supermarket on my way to the office to grab some lunch, even though my head is shouting that it’s still November, my tummy often requests something that will make that festive feeling last.  Which is why I bought this soup on Monday:


I can confirm, that this soup contains no festiveness.  If this is what a white Christmas tastes like, we should thank our lucky stars that we’ve not had one in years and that, for the most part, snow can only be expected around the start of summer.  Should we have one this year, do not attempt to taste it – you’ll be disappointed (No, I have no idea how you would taste a concept either.  I can only assume that’s where the whole soup idea went very wrong).

And don’t get me started on the Winter Spice Ribena.  Winter spices do not taste like cough medicine.  I’ve noticed it’s not actually on the shelves where I bought it now – presumably it’s been withdrawn for breaking trading standard rules, or maybe they sold out and there are a lot of others in Bumpkinstown with a bottle languishing in the back of a cupboard…or who have donated it to their very own Little Pea (who weirdly, likes it).

Maybe  I shouldn’t have tried to be festive so early.  Or maybe I should just stick to the mince pies :o)

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3 Responses to Christmas food

  1. Just as well they are not producing a Black Friday soup. Or have they?

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