A snort for you, because…

I have been known to do the occasional daft thing at work. That time I accidentally took a baby stick insect into the office, and the time I told a manager I’d just met “I’ll be back to bugger you later”, for example. But I usually manage to keep my moments of idiot-ness to colleagues I know…or at least, ones I end up knowing.

Not today though. Today I went external. It’s been one of those days where you spend a lot of your time with your legs crossed because there isn’t even time to run to the toilet between meetings or stuff that someone just decided needed doing yesterday. I just missed a call running back to my desk from a meeting but saw from the number it was an external provider I’m working with at the moment. I had three minutes before my next teleconference but called him back anyway – I knew he would be responding to an urgent email I’d sent. In my rush to get through that call and on with the next, I just asked if he could reply in writing (so an utterly pointless call on my part). He said he would, but just to let me know, he could sort out everything I’d asked him to do.

At that point, I’m not sure quite where my brain went, but I said thank you, and then, just before I put the phone down, I said (in what sounded like quite a meaningful way) “I love you”. Argh.

While I was on the next call he replied to the mail he said he would, and by that time I was a little concerned as to how my unintentional declaration might have come across. So I wrote back and apologised:


He sent me back this:



I told a colleague. She told me it was a lot worse than that :o/

I sent the mails to another colleague though (One who has mostly kept me sane today even though her Monday was as bad as mine)- I thought it might cheer her up. She said it made her snort. :o)

So I thought I’d pop it on here because it might make you snort too. And because, you know, I love you :o)

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2 Responses to A snort for you, because…

  1. Oh, I do love you H. And yes I did snort.

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