Courses and events of all shapes and sizes with the added Pog Factor

Enough has happened in the last two weeks for me to write about 20 posts, but work keeps getting in the way.  Instead, this will be a summary of the highlights / lowlights.

 I went on a Zendoodle course. 


These are doodles:


This is a Zendoodle:


(Essentially, its something created using one colour, using repetitive patterns in a 15 minute block where you focus entirely on that to get yourself into a calm, meditative state.  I just got frustrated that my pattern didn’t look nice.)  Top tip:  Don’t walk into the room of attendees and greet them with ‘have any of you seen the radiator in the toilet?  It’s so pretty I had to take a photo’.

But it was pretty:


I went cupcake decorating:

My lovely nearly neighbour friend invited a group of us over for dinner, to drink and to make cupcakes (not necessarily a good combination).  I got over excited that one of the eggs still had a feather on it, made it into a face and made another lovely friend keep him in her pocket.


I also grated my thumb into the orange and lemon cupcakes.

Top tip:  Icing cupcakes is not very successful when you do it 3 hours into drinking time.  It’s a hell of a lot of fun though….



I went on a course at work for senior managers:

(No, I don’t know why / how either).

Probably the less said the better, but…

Top Tip: Avoid courses at all cost that contain your manager if you have to speak in one of those awful circles where everyone takes their turn if you’re terrible at speaking in public.  All that happened is halfway through your first sentence you lose the ability to swallow and sit, shaking in your chair, gulping for air like a beached whale.

 I set up and ran a big event at work:

After technical and security meetings where I only understood that the ‘red line’ was critical as to whether it was even possible, then converted ‘red line’ to ‘central line’ in my head, I finished one particular meeting with ‘so will the central line definitely work?’ to be told that ‘you know this has nothing to do with the Underground, don’t you?’, it was a miracle it all went as planned.  Except:

Top tip:  When running from one floor to another to sort out technical issues on the big event, make sure you have your pass with you at all times.  It turns out that people do listen when you ask them to watch the big event from a room with a big screen rather than at their desks.  In turn, this means that when you leave the ground floor and run up two flights of stairs, there will be nobody to let you out of the stairwell that you have managed to lock yourself into….

I saw two things this week that made me laugh because they so accurately summed things up.

First, the day of the big event, the lady on the toilet door had become headless:


And then this, on the work microwave:


Thank goodness it’s a bank holiday.

Top tip: Don’t book root canal surgery for 8.45am on the Saturday of a bank holiday.  Bugger.


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