A Friday giggle

This week my blog made it over 29,000 hits!  That might not be much by ‘real’ blogging standards, especially when you consider that’s over 4.5 years, but I’m pretty stunned.  That means either a few good friends have hit ‘refresh’ repeatedly or a heap of people have stopped by quite a lot.  Or, possibly, it means that a lot of people have landed here by complete accident….

You can work out some of those people by looking at the search terms that people have used that have sent them here.  And a lot of the time I have no idea how Google or whatever looked at they search and decided ‘I know – I’ll send them to the pog blog’.  I had a look recently, and have a few new favourites I thought would give you a Friday giggle:

  • Ginger cake storage:
  • Really?  You needed to look this up?  What’s wrong with a plastic tin?  Or a bit of foil?
  • Black market crochet things:
  • There’s a block market in crochet things?  What sort of things?  Have I been missing a trick here?
  • By for now.  Pretty busy today.:
  • I can only assume someone got confused between an email and their search bar.
  • Things that you could put on savoury products:
  • Um….
  • Bottoms rule the world:
  • I’m not sure of the accuracy of this statement, but I would like to know how they ended up here.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never made such a claim.
  • Stick insect resuscitation:
  • Two people looked this up.  TWO.  There are no words (other than the fact that I did consider it, and wrote about it, but you know, other than that….)
  • Wrestling in shiny lycra:
  • WtF?!

Happy weekend :o)


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