Little Pea and me, and lots of water and mud

I had a Little Pea and Me day just as the holidays finished.  I should have known it wouldn’t go quite to plan when, the day before on a quick visit from Little Pea to Pog Towers, I decided we should make a few thank you cards.  It was Sister 1 that realised the felt tips I’d given Little Pea were permanent markers.  My desk had a few additional decorations and Little Pea gave himself a green beard and small brown beauty spot…


Anyway, onto our day on our own:  Mummy (Sister 1) left, we went into the garden for five minutes and Little Pea sat in the dog’s water bowl.  We changed trousers, top and vest and went back in the garden.  Where Little Pea poured a watering can of water over himself.  We changed trousers, top, vest and socks.

I thought his wardrobe might be safer if we went for a walk.  Little Pea took it easy in the buggy.  Auntie Pog was a sweaty mess 30 minutes in (and we’d only gone downhill.  We still had to get back up…  It wasn’t pretty.)  I decided that a bit or running around where no water containers were around might be fun, not understanding the attraction of big sticks.


Eventually, Little Pea finished foraging and we went to the play ground.


Nap time when we got back, but not before changing trousers one more time (I can’t even remember what caused that one).  I sat on the stairs for 40 minutes, listening to Little Pea emptying the contents of his cot on the floor and doing what I can only assume was early training for the trampolining Olympic team.  We gave up on the idea of a nap and settled down for lunch…liberally (accidentally) scattering bolognese sauce over what was previously white wall paper.  I think the orange flecks provide an interesting talking point though.

I was a bit worried that we may run out of clothes if we stayed at home the afternoon.  I was also worried that I wasn’t doing a very good job of the auntie thing, with so many ‘oops’ moments, so we drove to Gorgeous Godson’s house to see if he and Big Brother wanted to come to the park.  Happily there were sensible grown ups there who not only pointed out the need for wellies, but provided them, and (thankfully!) came to the park with us.


I think it’s safe to say that Gorgeous Godson and Little Pea got on well.  He also loved Big Brother, and later told me off for not taking any photos of him.




After lots of running around, falling over, wiping muddy hands on Auntie Pog’s jeans and a fair amount of playing at the big boy’s playground, we went home to Mummy.  Where she took his trousers off that were very muddy…


It wasn’t just his trousers – look at his right hand! Oops

… to discover that he even had muddy knees.

I went home and got a text message to say that Little Pea was fast asleep by 6.30pm.  Mind you, I was asleep on my sofa by 9pm.  Once again, hats off to all you mummies.  I have no idea how you do that every day.  Especially with so few changes of clothes :)

Sorry, I have to post this one too – I love it:



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