Is dancing the answer?

The last few weeks have been…well…tricky.

I’ve started my new job which has been a long way from plain sailing, Mum has been poorly and there has been another typhoon in the Philippines.  I didn’t realise just how much I cared about my adopted family until that happened.

But the job is (very slowly) sorting itself out, Mum (almost) has a date for the operation which should make her all better and all of Jackie’s family – my adopted family –  are safe in Tacloban after a hairy 12 hours.

Yesterday was a good day (after that small incident when I thought the office lights had a sensor which wasn’t very…sensor-y – so I did a dance all round the office before realising there was a light switch on the wall) so I had high hopes for today.

It started with a conviction there was an animal somewhere under the day bed in my conservatory – I could hear squeaking.  I made sure Norman wasn’t interested, got out my pyrex mixing bowl (animal catcher of choice at Pog Towers) and started removing everything from under the bed.  As Pog Towers has little storage, this was no mean feat – it’s packed tightly.  Having removed everything though, I could see no sign of any animal.  But I could still hear the squeaking.  Then it dawned on me.  The conservatory was a balmy 3 degrees when I got up this morning, so I’d set the heater to full and ‘turning’.  That was my animal.  Or at least that was what was squeaking as it turned…

Onto the next job:

Yesterday I set up my new iphone for work (well, after a lot of help from Derrick from Vodafone, David who I sit next to and several people on the work helpdesk).  I just needed to download something or other today so that I could receive e-mails and I would be away.  I spent some time following the instructions but the website would only load if I held the phone out of the back door.  I realised it was probably because it was set to 3G and that doesn’t work terribly well in Bumpkinsville, so I called Vodafone to ask how to change it to 2G as I had with my Blackberry.  ‘All’ I had to do was upgrade itunes, download some software, upload it to my phone and I could do exactly that.  Two hours later I’d managed this technical feat, but nothing had changed.  I called back: ‘Oh, sorry, that’s actually not going to be available for a few months’ I was told.  The lady didn’t see why 3G wouldn’t work for me.  She took my postcode to check.  ‘You have some reception in that area’ she said.  ‘Just not inside any buildings’.  She was actually suggesting that I stood in the garden to send and receive e-mails and make calls while I’m at home…

So today wasn’t a great day.  But in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a bad day either; no iphone, but no injured animal either. I’ve just realised my mistake though…I didn’t start the day with a dance – that  must be how to make a day go well.  I’ll test this theory and let you know.  :o)

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