A Bumpkinsville walk. In the dark.

I love living in Bumpkinsville.  The only problem is that in such a small place, there aren’t that many other people around who I actually know, and without a child or a dog and with a full time job, it’s quite difficult to meet people.  As a result, I was hugely excited when a friend of mine moved to the outskirts of the next village.  She’s less than 5 miles away – practically a neighbour!

This Saturday she invited me and another friend over for the evening and Sister 2 kindly offered to drive me.  Then Sister 2’s car went to car heaven.  But that was ok, because it was less than 5 miles!  I could walk that, right?

The theory worked.  It was the practice bit that went a bit pear shaped.  In my head I worked out how long it would take ‘Unfit, but about 5 minutes a mile, that’s about 25 minutes…’  Now, if I’d continued that thought I would have got to ‘…on my bike’.  It took just over an hour door to door.

I wrapped up warm,- it was cold out.  One thermal vest, one long sleeved top, a jumper, coat, scarf, hat and gloves.  I left home looking ok (under the Michelin man costume).  I arrived having sweated off my make up, hair on end, soaked in sweat and with my jeans rolled up to my knees (see next point).

On Friday, Bumpkinsville and a lot of the surrounding area flooded.  We’re talking fire brigade to get people out of cars, entire villages shut etc.  I thought 24 hours would make all the difference.  It didn’t –  I met with a few unexpected rivers right across the road.  I thought I’d walk in the fields to avoid them.  It turns out very flooded fields turn into something like quicksand when completely water logged.  And no, I didn’t have wellies on.

I planned on leaving home at 4.30pm because it would still be a bit light then and I’d be there by 5pm (see original estimate) when it got pitch black.  Due to chatting to Sister 2 about the joys of cars and a touch of OCD (having to go back about half a mile in as I thought I might have left my straighteners on), I finally left just before 5pm.  There are no street lights at any point between mine and my friends house.  But I had a torch!  Which, it turned out, isn’t all that great.  What it was great at though, was scaring motorists – it flashes blue and I could see cars slowing down as soon as they saw it.  I think it might have looked like some sort of police thing :o)  Another thing that slows motorists down is using the torch like a glow stick and dancing to your ipod as you walk.  I think that scared them in a different way though…

I arrived an hour late, looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, but proud that I’d not drunk the bottle of wine in my backpack.  I was handed a glass of alcohol – and it was all worth it.  I wont be doing it again though, even if my Bumpkinsville friend is ‘practically a neighbour’!  And our other friend drove me home, in case you were wondering.  I’m not that daft! :o)

A typical Bumpkinsville road.  When it's not dark...or flooded.

A typical Bumpkinsville road. When it’s not dark…or flooded.

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4 Responses to A Bumpkinsville walk. In the dark.

  1. Paula Harrington says:

    This just proves how much resilience,tenacity and perseverance is in your DNA. I’d have given up when I went back to the house to check on my straighteners. Also, you must be a wicked speed walker to overcome the mud and floods and still make five miles in just over an hour. And I’m very glad someone had the good grace to give you a ride home! xx

    • thepogblog says:

      Or it proves how bloody stubborn I am! I had very fast music on so I could keep to the beat – based on how much I ached afterwards I should have gone for something slightly slower I think. And my friends were slightly horrified I’d not asked for a lift tere, but it really didn’t seem that far…in my head! :o) x

  2. Jacqui Fleming says:

    Stubborn and tenacious; that’s my vote. Is the place you live really called Bumpkinsville? We used to tease my Dad and call him a Connecticut Country Bumpkin.

    • thepogblog says:

      That sounds like a good compromise! Bumpkinsville came from friends calling me a Country Bumpkin when I moved out of London to the sticks, and I thought I’d stick with it on here to protect my identity a bit – my village is so tiny that it wouldn’t take long to actually work out where my house is :o)

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