The Lovely Nut: It’s not just you!

My friend, The Lovely Nut has been getting herself into a pickle.  She’s the far side of 75 and thinks that she may be getting a bit old-ladyish (or in her words, dementia).  I’ve told her that the things she does (loosing things, forgetting appointments that aren’t written down, filling the bath with cold instead of hot water etc) are signs of being human rather than signs of something more scary, but I am not sure she believes me.

She doesn’t have a computer, but (at her request) I print out my posts and send them to her via snail mail, so if you have anything to add to the list I’m going to write below, either on here or for friends, on facebook, that might help with the reassurance.

So here are some of the things I have done this year (bearing in mind we are only 16 days into this year) that I put down to being human.  Or just daft.

  • I put my yoga socks on, had a spare toe bit and the first thing that has popped into my head was ‘shit, one of my toes fell off!’ (rather than the slightly more likely explanation that two toes had combined in another toe bit).
yoga socks

yoga socks – and stealer of toes

  • Put wine in my tea rather than milk.
  • Use concealer when it should have been lip balm and lip balm when it should have been concealer.  The result – very pale lips and dark circles remaining under my eyes that made me look like a corpse.
  • Screamed on the train when a builder accidently set off one of the tools in his bag.  When the man next to me asked if I was ok I replied loudly that ‘I thought that was the start of a chainsaw massacre’.
  • Lost my car in the supermarket car park.  Convinced myself it had been stolen until…I remembered that I’d parked it facing out – which I never do.  Couldn’t find my car as I couldn’t remember what it looked like from the front.  Convinced myself it had been stolen.  Found car.  Was still shaking 20 minutes later worried that car might be stolen….even though I was driving it by then.
  • Convinced myself that my toothache was due to an allergy caused by an apple and cinnamon candle.  Even though I now I know it was due to a hole in my tooth and an impressive infection, I can’t bring myself to burn the candle.
  • And finally, I’ve just had that horrible sinking feeling as I realised that actually, it’s not Saturday tomorrow.  Damn.

So there you go, Lovely Nut.  You have written proof you can look at each time you think the senile moments might be taking over.  It’s not just you!  I promise :o) x

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6 Responses to The Lovely Nut: It’s not just you!

  1. dogdaysuk says:

    To add to your list….I’m 33 years old (and I’m still not sure how that happened) and today, between 11am and 2pm, I:
    Drove my van in to the car in front of me. We were both parked, I knew he was there, I knew I had to turn my wheel to get OUT of the space, yet for some reason, and with some speed, I just….went forward….in to his back.
    Tried to use a key to open the back door of a customer’s house ( who I have visited every week day since August last year). On approaching the back of the house, I thought it was a little ODD that the neighbour had replaced their entire fence with a very old-looking wall….but it still didn’t occur to me that I’d gone to the wrong house until the key didn’t work and I saw the worried face of a stranger inside the kitchen, eyeing up the kitchen knives…..
    In my haste to retreat from the wrong house, I slipped down the wrong concrete steps.
    I got home from walking a pack of dogs and locked the van, opened my door, greeted my dog, took off my coat and hat….sat down….and THEN realised I hadn’t dropped off one of the dogs. Molly was still waiting patiently in the van.
    On reading the above, I’ve now convinced myself that maybe I actually have early onset dementia…..hmmm.
    Lots of love,

  2. Rich. says:

    Oh Cookie girl it’s not just you. I have found my phone in the fridge. I have also thrown my clothes into the toilet rather than the laundry basket near it. My latest was to get into a car that was similar to mine, only because the colour was the same. They were 2 different makes of car. So you see, it’s not just you..

  3. KatieB says:

    Definitely not just you. 2014 highlights for me:

    – Panicked that my fancy new DSLR camera had broken for about 10 minutes because it wouldn’t switch on. Hadn’t taken the lens cap off.
    – Got off the DLR ready to go home, started walking to the flat. Then realised I’ve since moved house and had gone on some serious ‘automatic pilot’ mode
    – Lost keys to new house. Spent ages trying to find them, and eventually worked out I’d left them dangling in the lock outside. Not very security conscious.
    – Rang my boyfriend whilst rushing to leave the house. Then proceeded to rant that I couldn’t find my phone – it took us both a while to work out it was obviously attached to the side of my head.

    Bring on the straightjacket…

    • thepogblog says:

      Love it! And with your last point I am starting to feel completely normal that I often panic that I can’t find my car keys in my bag…when I am driving the car :o/

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