Be careful what you wish for

I did a stupid thing last week.  I said out loud that I prefer being rushed off my feet than just a bit busy, as I seem to achieve more.

Someone was listening.  I’ve spent the week being rushed off my feet, and I have achieved more.  Just not all the things I was actually supposed to achieve.

It’s long and complicated so I’ll just give you the two ‘highlights’.  I had to video a series of management type people.  I am no cameraman or even camera woman, especially when I am only armed with an ipad and two books to prop it between.  I positioned the first man in all sorts of places but everywhere seemed to be hidden in shadows.  Eventually we settled on a wall that had lots of light and a big picture.  As I filmed I realised something wasn’t quite right:


I’d managed to position him so he had bananas coming out of his ears.

I didn’t tell him and was rather pleased that we needed a second take so I could move him a little.  All was good!  Until I downloaded the footage to my laptop and somehow I’d managed to film him upside down. He was now a bat on a background of bananas which were no longer coming out of his ears, but still…

Luckily I have very calming colleagues and some who are experts in this sort of thing who assured me that if the gentleman remained bat-like they would be able to perform magic to get him upright.

It got sorted and I managed to become quite confident in my filming abilities by the end of the day (which was good as that was just the start of this weeks chaos), but for the record, I am now saying:

I prefer being plain old busy to being rushed off my feet.

Whoever is listening, please take note! :o)

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4 Responses to Be careful what you wish for

  1. shoutydrunk says:

    Not a chance :)

  2. Please tell me you didn’t take a photo of your screen for that picture?!

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