Paw Pal Post

It has just dawned on me that Norman cat has received more interesting mail than me in the last week.  Totally unprompted, he’s received a postcard from Corfu (from a German sounding cat!) and a letter from Ithaca.


I have received a mobile phone bill a reminder that my guarantee on my oven is about to run out, all sorts of junk mail and a takeaway menu for the local Indian.

Norman is clearly doing something right.  He will be replying to his Ithacan paw pal this weekend.

And I must be doing something wrong…I guess if I want more interesting post I should take some tips from him.  Going forward, I shall be sleeping 90% of the day, stealing dinner (cooked or uncooked) from the neighbours, and playing catch with Spike, the catnip hedgehog every evening. :o)

It's a hard life!

It’s a hard life!

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