Bank Holiday Lessons Learned

As I said in my last post, I went to visit the Lovely Nut in her lovely house in a field on Friday.  I came back on Sunday which meant that the long weekend somehow felt longer.  It was certainly long enough to learn a few things…

  • When you’ve watched a 76 year old light a fire (hearth, not bonfire) with wood, newspaper, firelighters and…a liberal sprinkling of paraffin one night, you become very enthusiastic about doing it yourself the next night (it gets cold at night time in the middle of a field).
  • Learning the amazing stories behind furniture that’s been collected over almost half a century is really interesting – it gives you a real insight into how much effort went into that house.  My favourite story was a bit like this though:

Me:  Why is there a big hole in the leg of that desk?

The Lovely Nut:  (said in a completely matter of fact tone) Oh, that was when someone was checking his shotgun was loaded…and it went off.

Me:  Right…

  • It turns out that a shower (walls as opposed to the watering bit) really can be held together with Duck Tape.
  • Lovely Nuts are no wiser when it comes to packing for a summer holiday than I am (I was given the task of making sure she didn’t over pack).We managed to agree that two boxes of porridge weren’t really essential though.
  • Trying to teach the Lovely Nut how Facebook and Twitter work -well, that was just daft:

(The Lovely Nut: Could we look up my cousin Alexander in Holland?

Me:  No, I’m not friends with him

The Lovely Nut:  Why not?  He’s a lovely man…)

Sunday I spent finishing a big crochet project I’ve been working on (I’ll tell you about that another time).  Just as I finished and a microwave meal for one was beckoning to signal the end of the weekend I got a text from a friend suggesting the pub.   It just goes to show how fast things can change – I was whisked off in a very posh brand new car to sit in the last of the sun with a glass or two of white wine and a lovely dinner.  When I got home I decided to sing something from Joseph and his Technicolour Dream coat as I danced down my path at Sister 2 who was hanging out of her bedroom window.  I guess the final lesson is that I should have gone a bit easier on the wine.  Ahem :o)


It really is in the middle of a field!

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2 Responses to Bank Holiday Lessons Learned

  1. Janette says:

    Ahh the wisdom of our elders! So fun! Xx

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