Naughty Norman strikes again

I’m going away for a couple of nights.  I’m off to see the Lovely Nut (who also happens to be the mum of an ex boyfriend) and stay in her gorgeous house in the middle of a field.

Norman cat is not keen on me going anywhere – even with Sister 2 popping in to check on him – but he gets especially upset when I start packing a bag or suitcase.  So now I leave that part to the very last minute.  Last night I got a pile of clothes out ready to cover every eventuality  – it is a UK August bank holiday after all – and put them in a pile on my bedroom floor.

It seems Norman is far cleverer than I thought.  He often sleeps on top of my wardrobe and in the early hours of this morning he woke me up as he leant over the side of the wardrobe and…threw up onto my pile of clean, ready to be packed clothes.  Humph.

The clothes have now been washed and partially dried, and I’m off shortly with a backseat of slightly damp clothes.  Norman cat, you get a point, but you didn’t win completely :o)

The lovely house in the field

The lovely house in the field

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2 Responses to Naughty Norman strikes again

  1. This is what you call tactical chundering!

    I learnt this delightful phrase from my sister’s boyfriend last week as we were learning how to scuba dive. The waves and boat rides made us feel queasy and there was a virus going around too so he used tactical chundering to feel better ahead of the dive itself. Mmm!

    Pleased Norman’s antics did not deter you- have a lovely long weekend!

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