Hooray for holidays!

Finally, FINALLY I am packed and ready for my holiday!  I’ll be going to my favourite place in the world – Ithaca – a tiny Greek island.

For the lovely colleague I said I’d post about my single-independent-woman holiday, I realised I already had – you can ready it here.

So after the last few months of utter chaos at work I’ll soon be in the Greek sun with no sign of a laptop.  I’m going with my parents again which means that along with my crochet hooks and a carrier bag of wool in my suitcase, I have a packet of crackers and a block of cheddar cheese (Dad prefers an English lunch).  I’ve also called to remind him to bring his walking stick.  He forgot it last year and we had to take the villa mop apart so he could use that.  As you can see, it’s unlikely to be an average holiday.  I’m going to try to post while I am there from my phone so you get to see a bit of the island too (they will probably be short posts as I am rubbish at typing on my phone!)

And now I am off to bed.  The taxi arrives at 3am :o)



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