A Crafty Day Out

A couple of years ago. Lovely Mummy of Gorgeous Godson and I decided we would stop giving each other birthday presents.  Instead, we’d spend some time together doing things – no partners, no children and no cats (not that I have ever taken Norman out, you understand.  I’m odd, but not quite that bad.  Also, he hates the car).

On Saturday we went on a day out Lovely Friend had found that was my idea of heaven:  The Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts Show :o)

There were demonstrations and things you could try out (I have a feeling Lovely Friend could be a great felter should she fancy) and a world record being set for the longest knitted chain.  But my very favourite thing was ‘Above and Below the Waves’.  One lady – Alison Murray –  organised this, and over 2000 knitters from around the world contributed to it.  It’s a three dimensional undersea tunnel including a beach, mermaids, see creatures and a beach.  And it is ALL knitted!  As if that is not amazing enough, the lady collects money for charity when she displays this work of art and so far has raised £18,500 for the RNLI with this one!


(terrible photo but it shows you the size)

(terrible photo but it shows you the size)

knit4In case you are the sort of person who this particularly appeals to, there is another installation being planned by Alison and anyone can send items for inclusion. You can find all the details here:  http://all2knit.co.uk/index.html.  The next includes all textiles crafts so, as I can’t knit for love nor money, I’m going to attempt a spot of crochet – something I’ve learned in the last few weeks.  I just have to get used to following the pattern.  All I achieved last night was what looked like a genetically modified monster (and that definitely wasn’t what I’d intended!)

Thank you Lovely Mummy of Gorgeous Godson for a lovely day out.  And to Lovely Daddy of Gorgeous Godson for letting me borrow your wife while you had the boys for a day :o)

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