Lessons of the Week

It’s been one of those manic weeks where I’ve known everything would be just fine, as long as I could grow an additional brain, another pair of arms and locate an extra 24 hours in every day. We’ve all had weeks like it.

I’ve learned a few things though:

1) Sister 1 can be very brave. We made her go out for dinner like this:


2) A great way to meet people is to spend a while dancing enthusiastically with one of these:


(NB: If you walk into a restaurant (before the dancing) with one, the people on the table closest will move.)

3) Matching one Mini Egg for one grape as your dinner does not make a balanced diet.  It’s just a recipe for feeling a bit sick.

4) Even if you shave your head every three days you can end up with a curly side and a straight side. (Yes, really)

5) That moisturiser that calls itself ‘Ultra-lift’?  I’ve always wondered where it lifts to and imagined that under your hairline there is a lot of wrinkly skin being gathered up.  I can confirm that’s not the case.  In fact, I’m not convinced it’s lifting anything.

laughter lines?  No.  Nothing is THAT funny!

laughter lines? No. Nothing is THAT funny!

And now it is the weekend…hooray!  Stay warm lovely people :o)

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