People things

People are entertaining creatures aren’t they?

I’ve met some lovely ones in random ways.  There are at least two poggyW customers who started out as complete strangers and who I would now count as friends – even if I’ve never met one and the other only twice – e-mail is great sometimes.

Then there are people that are more fleeting.  My best giggle of the weekend was at a fair when a little boy bought a toy for £4 and paid with a £5 note.  I gave him the change and he waved I away saying rather grandly ‘please, keep the change!’  Yes, I was tipped by an eight year old…

There are people that appear from nowhere….quite literally.  On a rare night out on Saturday in the kebab shop on the way home (I didn’t partake, merely inhaled…evil things they are), the girl in front of us in the queue turned around and told me my name and where I went to school.  The school I left almost 20 years ago.  It turned out that she was three years below me and I was slightly terrified that she’d remembered that much detail from that long ago – we weren’t friends then after all.  AS someone pointed out to me though, I found her in a random place rather than in my back garden so nothing to really worry about…

Then there are the times when I am the odd one.  Like in a local shop the other day when I noticed the man who often serves me had a band round his wrist.  I wondered if it was a panic button or if he was tagged.  Happily I got as far as ‘Is that a panic button or…’ before my brain kicked in and I managed to recover the situation before insulting the poor bloke.  One day I’ll learn to engage my brain before I open my mouth.  One day.  Until then, past present or future people in my life, I do apologise :o)

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2 Responses to People things

  1. sacha kelly says:

    As someone who frequently has trouble remembering to engage one’s brain b4 speaking-I salute you!
    Remember (always) there is beauty in spontaneity…x

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