Sewing and Sillies

I love sewing – you might have noticed if you’ve taken a look at poggyW anytime.  This weekend though, was a sewing extravaganza that ended up involving most of the family at some point.

From Friday night (when I took sewing with me to my lovely friends’ house to do while they cooked me a rather delicious dinner) to last night I made:

  • 2 personalised stockings
  • 2 pairs of embroidered pants
  • 3 hoodies
  • 72 small stockings for advent calendars (cut out for me by my little elves), 24 of which are now a complete advent calendar

A finished advent calendar – it takes around 6 hours to make!

  • 16 embroidered cards
  • 7 Pogimals
  • 1 personalised chick set (romper, vest, bib and muslin)

To do this I sewed every hour I was awake and quite a few that I should have been asleep.  However, it became clear that this was not clever because (and it could just be a coincidence) this all happened:

  • I rushed the Pogimals – my innocent little sock animals – and on one I managed to sew the tail to the front of him.  While this made him anatomically correct, I’m not sure it would have endeared me to the mummy who had ordered it for her little person.  I’m afraid I had to do a Bobbitt.

A few of the more child friendly Pogimals

  • As I drove to the workshop at my parents and marveled that someone had managed to crash on a road with great visibility etc etc I ended up doing an emergency stop with sufficient force (or bad driving) that made the car skid and make squeaky noises to avoid the 4×4 in front of me.
  • I accidently opened up part of my finger with a needle.  Not an unusual occurrence, but far more painful than usual when a few hours later you decide it’s the perfect time to clean the shower with industrial strength lime scale remover, without the benefit of rubber gloves.
  • I spent a good 15 minutes trying to fix my Blackberry because the screen had frozen.  It took me that long to remember that Blackberry’s are not touch screen.
  • And to finish off the weekend, as I was about to go to bed I noticed that Sister 2 was hanging out of her bedroom window.  I thought it would be nice to wave goodnight so I flashed my porch light like I was recreating a strobe light effect and danced around like a loon to attract her attention.  She didn’t notice.  One of the neighbours walking to his house did though and thought it was all for his benefit.  That was a slightly awkward conversation.


Now I’d better get sewing – those superhero capes wont sew themselves you know (and Norman cat is rubbish on the sewing machine).


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