A Day of Distractions

As a general rule, most of us will go back to work tomorrow after at least a few days off. (Friends on maternity leave or who are retired, it’s probably best to keep quiet at this point).  

On my bike ride this morning I was trying to think of positive thoughts about this situation.  Then I realised, it’s mostly pants and there is no dressing it up in any other clothes.  Instead, I decided it was best to be busy.

So today I have:

  • Helped cut down a tree:

Charlie found it facinating...

  • Made low fat banana bread (possibly not so good for you when you eat quite as much as I have…):

  • Made a bag out of a pillow case (as you do):

  • Made dinner from scratch for the first time in MONTHS and realised after an hour that the oven wasn’t on (that’ll be the last time I do that then).
  • And for your smile…I tried to make a rabbit.  As you can see, more than one thing hasn’t turned out quite as planned.  He will go on the ‘prototype’ shelf.  A shelf that would induce nightmares in the hardiest of you…

I hope that your first day back at work goes ok.  I’ll send you happy thoughts if you’ll do the same for me.  Deal?  :o)

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