Losing plots and gaining Pogimals

I think I may have finally lost the plot. Yesterday I:

  • Melted a squeezey pot of honey (sadly the honey was still solid) having run the container under boiling water for the time it took for my porridge to cook.
  • Spent an hour in Pets at Home trying to select a cat basket for Charlie and Norman.  Having worked out that Norman was roughly the size of the toy cat on the shelf I used the toy to work out that there was no way he’s fit into any of those available (Norman does like to spread out at all times), so I left.  With a dog basket.
  • I bought a bottle of mulled wine and then decided it was a little extravagant to heat it up in a saucepan just for me (no, even I don’t understand my logic now) so I popped a mug in the microwave.  I think that signifies a new low on the scale of ‘sad things people who live on their own do’.
  • In a rather frantic Pogimal making session (I sold out at the fair last week.  The next fair is this Saturday) I think I fell in love with a Pogimal I created.  It may be touch and go as to whether I can let her go.  Take a look for yourself.  You might see what I mean…

Isn't she pretty?

And tonight I am making more Pogimals while she watches.  With a mug of mulled wine that I’ve microwaved.  And I may have to sit in the new cat basket for a while to encourage the boys (they’ve hardly looked at it so far).  Well, it does look rather comfortable.  And frankly, if you loose the plot, you might as well do it properly :o)

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2 Responses to Losing plots and gaining Pogimals

  1. I do hope you didn’t tell the boys it’s a (shh) dog basket…

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