Unexpected Loveliness

We may have got to the end of British Summer time, but try telling that to my garden….  It’s still managing to make me smile :o)

A passion flower. At the end of October...

Sometimes, the most lovely things appear in the places you don't expect at the times you don't expect. (This is slap bang in the middle of my patio and has been in flower for months).

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2 Responses to Unexpected Loveliness

  1. Emma says:

    I like the passion flower – I have never seen one before. Lovely!
    Just what I needed to see this morning as feeling a bit stressed because our boiler has died. Don’t want to call out a boiler engineer as it’s £60 for half an hour! (I am clearly in the wrong job!) Hoping my brother in law will pop round later but it’s not looking good. Don’t want to feel cold and I need a shower! Not sure if I told you we have sold our house so it’s all packing and moving here. Hopefully will be in our rented house in a month. Fingers crossed. Hope to catch you at Christmas xxx

    • thepogblog says:

      oh no, I hate it when things like that go wrong :o( I hope you get it sorted very soon. Great news about the house sale though – looking forward to catching up on that and everything over Christmas :o)x

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