Presenting poggyW! (A special preview for blog friendly bods)

Have you got a pipe dream?  Something you would love to make happen?

 I have.

My dream involves making lovely things and one day being able to make it my full time job.  (And I love making Pogimals but I figured there are only so many sock animals people need in their lives…)

So while I was off work with the evil gallstones, I did some planning.

Since then I have:

    • Talked to all sorts of people to get some ideas
    • Spent hours on my sewing machine
    • Come up with a plan
    • Decided the plan needed refining
    • Refined some more and some more and some more… (I really didn’t like that bit)
    • Helped convert my parents cellar into a workshop (You can see it from start to finish here)
    • Set up the company, poggyW (named by my mum) at Companies House (yes, I’m a company director!)
    • Had a slightly embarrassing meeting at the bank (numbers are definitely not my strong point)
    • Had a company logo created
    • Got a website designer on the case
    • (Finally) got the website complete
    • Set up a poggyW Face Book page (please go and ‘like’ it so I look popular :o) 
    • Set up a poggyW Twitter page (I’d love you to follow me if you are that way inclined for the same reason as above!)

And now…well now, my website is live!!!  I’ll be telling the world next week, but I thought as lovely blog readers, you might like a bit of a preview, so TA DA…:

And here are some of the goods:

The full list (which I have loads more ideas to add to, but not enough time at the moment) is:

  • Lavender filled sleepy bunting
  • Babygrows
  • Sleeveless bodysuits
  • Bibs
  • Muslin squares
  • Pogimal toys (well I couldn’t leave them out now, could I?!)

The idea is you can buy a ‘ready made basket’ or you can mix and match, with a basket or without…

 When I tell the world next week it would be great if you could help, just by encouraging others to like the Face book page, join Twitter or have a look at the site (and maybe even spend some money!) 

Everyone has a friend, a sister, a daughter, or a colleague who is having a little person.  Or knows a little person they need to get a Christmas present for. I’ve tried hard to create some unique stuff that’s good quality and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg…and is useful too.  What more could you want? 

(Well, what I want is to make this dream a reality…one day!)


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2 Responses to Presenting poggyW! (A special preview for blog friendly bods)

  1. jands says:

    Good luck Pog, We’ve got everything crossed. Love S & J

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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