A bit of Grr-ing

Well, obviously after declaring to you all that a fairy had replaced the gremlin that looks over me, the fairy promptly wandered off.  Really promptly.  I posted the last blog entry and there was a loud miaow from outside.  Norman cat had thrown himself into the clematis and got stuck.  As he freed himself he landed on my only tomato plant which had just discovered its purpose was to provide me with tomatoes…and broke off half the plant in the process.  Grrr. 

½ hour later there was another massive crash and Charlie cat rushed in.  Charlie, it seemed, had climbed onto the shelves in the garden where all my plant pots are and pushed two off which had smashed along with the clay sunflower I bought back from my holiday to replace the one that broke last year.  Double grrr.

Then it was 4.30am yesterday morning and my alarm was going off.  And do you know?  At that time of the morning, solar powered garden lights are still on…somehow that makes it seem worse.  Grrr again.

And by the time I got home last night I was so cream crackered by the early start and a days work that I was actually went to bed at 5.30pm.  I don’t think I’ve done that for around 33 years. I could hear the kids in the street still playing outside as I drifted off!

This blog is meant to be positive though, so:

  • At least I have half a tomato plant left
  • A pretty clay sunflower and a couple of garden pots are not the most precious things I own so it’s not the end of the world they are in pieces
  • Going into work I got to see some of my lovely friends who I’d missed while I was off
  • And I’ve made it awake until past 8pm tonight

And now I’m off for a hot chocolate before bed :o)

the scene of much destruction...

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