Gremlins and Fairies

I’m pretty sure that 90% of the time there is a naughty gremlin overseeing my life.  Daft things seem to happen to me with no planning on my part whatsoever (you may have noticed an element of this in the blog…)

In the last few days though, I think the gremlin has been replaced by a lovely fairy.

It started when I was going to stay for a few days with my friend, the Lovely Nut.  It’s not a very long drive but for the first time in two years I thought I should check the oil in my car.  It turned out that I didn’t have any.  It turned out that I’d been very lucky as the engine could have gone pop at any time.  And it turns out that it would have been a bit of a miracle if I’d made it to the Lovely Nut’s house had I not made a detour to the local garage.  So that was number 1.

Staying at the house of the Lovely Nut is...lovely!

Not long after that, I discovered I have a fairy godmother who, in her fairy godmotherliness, made it possible for me to buy an absolutely fantabulous sewing machine and develop a pipe dream I have a little further.  So that was number 2.

So in over excitable Pog mode (think 5 year old child after eating too many blue sweets) I went sewing machine shopping with my mum.  I was like a child in a sweet shop.  I dropped mum off on the way home and thought I’d take the opportunity to do a demonstration of the machine to dad.  That was when I discovered that I’d picked up the machine, the pedal and…left the power lead in the shop.  The shop that was a good 40 minutes away and was closing for the weekend in 10 minutes.  I phoned them (I have no idea why – it’s not like they could have sent the think through the phone line).  But that was number 3.  The man who’d sold me the machine had apparently felt so bad for me that he had taken my address from the guarantee and drove the power lead all the way to my front door.  Talk about customer service!

And then as I drove home (in the car that hadn’t gone pop due to number 1) there was a huge double rainbow in the sky.  And there was somewhere to stop the car to take a photo and I had my camera with me…  Ok, it was only a little thing, but it was like the lovely fairy was smiling at me.  

A bit of the rainbow

Now lovely fairy, if you could stick around a little longer that would be great – I could get used to this :o)

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