why do you never see baby pigeons?

A few weeks ago I had a weird conversation with my parents, the focus of which ended up being that question ‘why do you never see baby pigeons?’

A few days later I got a phone call from my dad: ‘I’ve found one!  I’ve found one!’  And sure enough, he had.  And even better, it was still there when he returned with a camera…

baby pigeon!

So I think the answer to ‘why do you never see baby pigeons?’ is probably something along the lines of ‘because they are not the most attractive of things and they have the good sense to stay home in their nest until they look more…pigeon like’.

But now I want to know where all the pigeons you see at Trafalgar Square build their nests.  Are there pigeon tower blocks somewhere in central Londonto accommodate them all?  For now though, I’m happy to have finally seen a baby pigeon.  Unattractive, maybe, but cute all the same.


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